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The MIGHTY Muffin:

Fostering healthy food choices through nutritious and delicious baked goods

img-20161111-192005.jpgIn early 2016, Third Cliff developed a handful of nutritious muffin recipes for our friends, Fresh Food Generation, as they launched Fresh Food Generation Cafe in DotHouse Health Center. The result is a handful of grab-and-go items that are low in sugar and sodium, and use whole grains, and fruits or veggies that we can source locally.

By partnering with CommonWealth Kitchen, Third Cliff has piloted these mighty muffins into an item that is available to schools and institutions seeking a breakfast option that meets their nutritional standards while also appealing to their constituents. A modest size and healthful ingredients yield a muffin that is less than 225 calories (a healthy serving size for the grain component of a young person’s breakfast). Early testing with Boston Public Schools students has been successful and we are working toward the goal of offering Third Cliff muffins for breakfast in BPS schools for the 2017-18 school year.

Third Cliff and CommonWealth are flexible and responsive: able to scale quickly and eager to connect with schools and institutions who seek creative, delicious breakfast alternatives while supporting small business and workforce development.

Below is a comparison of key nutritional elements of the Third Cliff Corn & Maine Blueberry Muffin stacked up against the widely-available Panera’s Wild Blueberry Muffin:

Comparison of Blueberry Muffins





Third Cliff Bakery


9 g

97.9 mg

12.8 g

Panera Bread


18 g

340 mg

40 g

Read a blog post here that Third Cliff owner, Meg Crowley, wrote as an update on the project for CommonWealth Kitchen.